Top 10 Computer Game Ninjas

We all want to be ninjas; sneaking around, killing stuff, attaching bombs to kittens and throwing them at people’s faces only to stealthily disappear into the night leaving behind no trace apart from a collar that says ‘Mr Whiskers’. If you don’t want to be a ninja then you my friend are just a dick without a soul.

I know some of the purists out their consider all ninjas to be stealthy and super quiet but lets be honest, there really isn’t many games that fill the quota and after a while I’d end up calling Sam Fisher a ninja. This list is purely based on characters that are considered ‘ninja’ or masters of some form of kung-fu by the games creators.

With this in mind I thought I’d make a handy list of my top 10 computer games ninjas!

Ninja style, Samurai, metal pole? climb that shit! Climb all the way to


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